• Promotional Pickleball Paddles

    Quick & Easy - Send us your pickleball paddle graphics, and we will build a paddle based around your budget and some general specs. These carbon fiber paddles are very high quality, budget friendly and work great for promos, giveaways, events, brand building, etc. This is also an affordable way to add Pickleball Paddles to your product line or merch store. We will use the most popular paddle specs so your paddle appeals to the broadest audience. We are happy to add neoprene covers, logo balls, and custom packaging.(minimum order quantity –50 paddles).

  • Fully Custom Pickleball Paddles

    Detailed & Innovative - We will build you a paddle to your exact specifications including graphics, materials (core and surface), dimensions (width, length, thickness, handle circumference, handle length), weight, balance, surface texture, custom cap and band, covers, custom packaging, UPC, USAPA approval, and more. We will customize the paddle to meet your specific needs. We are happy to add neoprene covers, paddle erasers, logo balls, nets, overgrip, edge tape, lead tape, and more. Pricing is determined by components and customizations (minimum order quantity – 50 paddles).

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