Welcome to iMPACT Pickleball

Welcome to iMPACT Pickleball

This is our first blog post at iMPACT Pickleball, and we wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves. iMPACT was launched in August of 2022 with a mission to build outstanding paddles at reasonable prices and grow the sport of pickleball by building elementary school PE programs across the country.

The owner of iMPACT, Mic Foster, has an extensive background in product development and manufacturing. Using his experience, he has been able to design and build the companies first 2 paddles in about 2 months' time. Along with paddles, we sell branded balls, nets, bags, apparel and accessories. 

Our first two paddles have a dual polymer core and carbon fiber face. The dual polymer core has allowed us to design a paddle that has an edge-to-edge sweet spot giving players more control and accuracy with their shots. The carbon fiber face and 16mm thickness allows players to produce powerful shots, and our unique texture provides reliable spin. 

When thinking about iMPACT we spent a long time thinking about who our customer is in this fast-growing sport. We decided that creating a paddle designed for the new to experienced avid leisure player. When you are ready to move on from your entry level paddle, we are the next step. Priced well below the most high-end paddle on the market but made with the same quality materials and construction. iMPACT's Paddles will take your amateur game to the next level, making that step from 3-4 and 4-5 that much easier to achieve.


The other side of our business we want to share is our commitment to the growth of pickleball. Mic has 3 little girls (4,6,11), and he noticed that pickleball wasn't a part of any of their school PE programs. Mic reached out to his oldest daughter's gym teacher and learned that a lack of equipment prevented pickleball from being a part of their program. We are on a mission to change that. Ten percent of profits are being used to manufacture what we are calling the PE package. In the PE package we are including two mobile nets, 12 paddles, and 12 balls. This package will be donated to elementary schools across the country that agree to add pickleball to their PE curriculum. 

Thanks for taking a moment to learn about our mission. We are excited to support an enthusiastic customer base of players. 

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So Impact paddles are manufactured in the U.S.?

Dave Yuhas

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